a-cam NYC

we rent digital 16mm motion picture cameras

An NYC based rental service, we specialize in Ikonoskop's A-Cam Dii, a digital 16mm camera that records raw CinemaDNG image sequences.

Ikonoskop has made a camera unlike any other. A 2K RAW camera with a CCD sensor the size of super16 negative, it has an interchangeable mount system (C-mount or PL-mount) allowing you to use a wide range of 16mm lenses. It has 11-stops of latitude, outputs CinemaDNG image sequences, and comes closer to looking like film than any other digital camera we've seen.

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Base Package

  • A-Cam Dii body
  • P+S Technik IMS Lens Mount (PL-mount or C-mount) 
  • 3 x 160gb SSD cards (30min/card)
  • 1  x SSD Thunderbolt Card Reader
  • 4 x Sony NP-F770 Batteries
  • 1 x Sony Quad Battery Charger AC-VQL1BP
  • Vocas/Arri Riser
  • HD-SDI video cable
  • Pelican Case

Additional Accessories



  • Zeiss 9.5mm Mk.ii T1.3
  • Zeiss 12mm Mk.ii  T1.3
  • Zeiss 16mm Mk.ii T1.3
  • Zeiss 25mm Mk.ii T1.3
  • Angenieux 9.5-57 Zoom T1.8
  • Century 5.7mm f1.8


  • Kern-Paillard 10mm Switar T1.6
  • Kern-Paillard 16mm Switar T1.8
  • Kern-Paillard 25mm Switar T1.4
  • Kern Paillard 75mm Switar T2.8

Matte Box, Monitors, etc...


  • TV Logic 5.6" (includes Israeli Arm & HD-SDI Cable 3')


  • Arri LMB 5-4x5.650 (inserts: 130-80, 130-110)
  • Chrosziel-4x4 (Inserts 411-80, 411-95)

4x5.650 FILTERS

  • ND.3
  • ND.6
  • ND.9
  • IR ND1.2
  • IR ND.9
  • IR ND.6
  • Circular True Polarizer
  • Clear
  • Black Pro-Mist 1/4


  • ND.3
  • ND.6
  • ND.9
  • Polarizer
  • Clear
  • 85

Additional Information

 Knowledge is power. Read the Manual. It's as simple as the camera.

We recommend visiting http://www.rawcinemashop.com/ for more information on the camera. Check out their Downloads page for the most recent software and drivers.